Yelp Review by Don T. in Studio City

First off, Amber just sold my condo before it hit the market and was able to get the highest comparable price on that street. Been talking with her for a while about wanting to sell, but the market wasn't right at that time and she never pushed to make a quick buck. She wanted what was best for me and that I got what I wanted.

During that time she was always available for help, suggestions, and setting up contacts that would help me in anything I needed. I knew that I wasn't her only client, but was baffled at how much time she gave me through this entire process. It really did feel like I was her only client and thats a big deal especially going through the scary process of selling, escrow, and moving. She's truly a gem to find and even after the transaction was finalized, she's constantly helping going above and beyond what is expected.

It's hard to find someone who's passionate about their job and their clients.

Yelp Review by Erica M. in Los Angeles

Met Amber by chance during the very first open house that my husband and I showed up to. She was full of knowledge and questions and we quickly realized we didn't know what we were doing and we could not do this alone.

Amber listened to what it was we were looking for, even when that changed again and again. She showed us great houses in our budget and gave us advice on what red flags we should be aware of. She is very knowledgeable about LA and will help you avoid bad neighborhoods or school districts. She was not put off by the fact that we took a few months off from looking to save more money before going on the hunt again. Ultimately, she helped us find a home that we loved in an up and coming neighborhood, which is precisely what we wanted.

We could not have gone through the purchasing process without her. We had a million questions and Amber answered them all, no matter how strange they may have been ("do they have to tell you if someone has died in the house?") She checks in with us often and gives us great advice on the yearly house checklists you need to be on top of.

We would highly recommend her if you are buying or selling. She is an amazing realtor and all around awesome person!

Zillow Review from Rose Linn

Amber helped me buy a house in August 2015. I had tried other real estate agents before, but Amber was so much more helpful and on top of things than the others. I felt I could trust her more. Her knowledge of what is a great house is excellent, she had knowledge of the area I was looking (the Valley), professional in dealing with other agents to get to a quick close, she was also honest in telling me when the seller's demands got too unreasonable. I had quite specific demands re what I was looking for, but she was patient throughout it all and she always got back to me quickly and worked really hard to find a suitable house. She also helped me in the settling process arranging for move in cleaning when I was away. Overall I was very happy with the experience using Amber.

Yelp Review by Meemz N. in Los Angeles

I couldn't say enough great things about Amber! She is the epitome of what a competent, professional, and efficient broker should be. She listened to what our needs were and was flexible with working with our busy schedules. Amber went above and beyond what was expected of her, putting in time to find us the perfect buyer for our condo, and she even broke the record for selling our condo at the highest listed price of all the condos in our area! Amber is a true professional who understands the market and will help you achieve your real estate goals in a timely and stress-free manner! She has definitely become our broker for life!

Yelp Review by Marcus W. in Los Angeles

Yelp only gives the option for 5 stars...but Amber Dolle "goes to 11" (*Spinal Tap ref...)

Amber is the best. No "ifs" ands or "buts". A co-worker referred me and my wife to her 6 months ago. Being a first time prospective homeowner, as well as someone who hates spending money, I'm a skeptic about everything - especially about the most amount of money I'll ever spend.
Well, Amber's work ethic and personality quickly put my house-buying anxiety at ease. And to make her all the better, I only have other friends' real estate agent horror stories to compare her to. I'll go into detail, step by step, why Amber is the best.

#1) Amber is the hardest working person I've ever met. She'd send listings ASAP if she thought we'd be interested; She communicates every single email, phone call, text, IMMEDIATELY. Every single dumb little text I sent her, (and I had some really dumb questions) she texted back in seconds. Every phone call, she answered... Even to THIS extreme (these were actual conversations):
-Before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve ... Amber said "Call me if you need anything" - I said, "Amber, I'm not going to bug you when you're eating Thanksgiving dinner", she said "Oh, it's no problem"
-Before a weekend getaway with her family (which she communicated with us she would be taking 3 weeks ahead of time) "I'll be out of town for the weekend, but just call me if you see any listings, I can try to arrange it over the phone." - I said "Amber, I'm not going to bug you when you're on vacation, please go enjoy yourself." - "Oh, it's no bother"
(these were actual conversations :) and I think this is the most important thing a real estate agent can do. Communicate. She is the best!

#2) While she doesn't want to sway us to like a house or not (which is important) she will give her honest opinion about her concerns. The second house we were thinking of putting an offer in on (which looked cute in pictures) looked like it could have been a nightmare with a lot of work. She all but tried to talk us out of it. That's a good thing and was nice to find out that she really "had our back" ... not just trying to get us to buy a house quickly. She really cares.

#3) She's always on time. Actually early. And communicates how close she is to the first listing, if she thinks she might be like 2 minutes late. But she's always on time anyway. And then we'd get there and half the time the "other" real estate agent was like 15 minutes late... Not Amber.

#3) Amber has the best personality. She never got annoyed or anything when my wife and I were (often) 5 - 10 minutes late on our first showing of the day. I always apologized, but she was like, "Oh, no worries, I was just on my phone sending emails."
And she is an absolute joy to be around. She's really funny and we would chat about our lives while waiting for the "other real estate agents". After a few weeks of looking at houses, it just seemed like my wife and I were hanging out with a friend a couple times a week.

#4) And in the end - despite her easy going charm with us - she's a fantastic negotiator too! Got our price reduced a lot from a few things we needed done, even though I didn't think the stubborn seller would go for anything.

#5) Yet, even further 'in the end' (we got our keys, yay!) she gives you recommendations for anything you might need, flooring, whatever. Not friends of her, just recommendations. And (I'm assuming she's gotten her money, or whatever) she's sending us helpful blogs like, "the top 10 things you need to change your address when you buy a house" - and she keeps telling us, "call me if you need anything.
I'm like, "Amber, your job is done, go relax" - ha. I just want to stress how thorough she is and how much she really does care.

#6) She loves what she does, and you can tell. And it's great to have someone like that in your corner.

#7) Just call her. I know there are other things I wanted to say, but I can't remember now.
Anyway, I don't "talk up" most people, but I will Amber - she's just the best. If I took this much time to write all this, (when I now have a lot of housework to do :) you can take the 1 minute to reach out to her.

Happy buying!
-New Homeowners

Yelp Review from Nick P. in Los Angeles

Amber is the best. She's diligent, persistent and helped us through every step of a process that was completely foreign to us. I loved the fact that she always made a concerted effort to meet our needs and constantly make sure we were comfortable and informed at every turn. We were lucky to have met her and were happy to celebrate with her once she handed us the keys to our new home. I highly recommend her and hope you work with her as she deserves all the business in the market. Review from Barbara B.

We worked with Amber to sell our townhome and she was great! She gave advice before and during the process that made a huge difference in the end. She worked hard to generate interest in our unit while we prepped it for sale. We had interested parties even before it was ready to be seen. We had multiple offers, sold for more than the asking price, within a week of it being listed. (We could have sold it quicker but wanted to let as many people see it as possible.)

We can't say enough great things Amber, and highly recommend her!